The AXIOMS of Marketing: The 6 Invariable Propositions That Underlie and Determine Every Marketing Success

The AXIOMS of Marketing by Robert W. Bly
The AXIOMS of Marketing by Robert W. Bly
ISBN: 9781735979212
Author: Robert W. Bly   
Format: Paperback (5.25 x 8), ebook (epub)
Page Count: 140
Publish Date: December 2021
List Price: $14

Laws are broken. Rules get bent.

[ak-see-uhms] –noun 1. statements or propositions that are regarded as being established, accepted, or self-evidently true 2. the sublime and intrinsic facts of a subject that form the foundational underpinnings upon which one can build unbounded and limitless success.

Marketing Effectiveness Is Not Subjective

Likeability ‡ Effectiveness

High Accuracy = High Results

Lead Quality = 1/Lead Quantity

Knowledge Is Finite

Emotion > Facts